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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Western Mennonite School
Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

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Our vision is to see 2,000 people committed to giving $20 a month. That’s $480,000 a year to sustain our Student Grant Fund.

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Giving monthly changes students today!

Western is so much more than an academic institution. Everything that happens here is based on a Christ-Centered Worldview. WMS desires that the local church and community not only see the school as a Christian school discipling its students, but also as a mission field reaching the lost. WMS is committed to confronting each student with the Good News of Jesus Christ before leaving WMS. When supporting the work that God is doing at Western you help serve in a crucial way. Our desire is to see students walk away from Western understanding what it looks like to model Peace and Service in their communities; your example helps accomplish this.

Pioneer Partners are the current financial network of members supporting Western Mennonite School on a monthly basis. The program allows the community an avenue to give sustainable donations to the much needed student grant fund.

Pioneer partner goal-01Fifty percent of students require grant aid to attend school at WMS. To maintain the diverse group of teenagers currently enrolled, the school relies on community support. We at the school look to donors for consistent monetary support through the Pioneer Partner program.

When you become a Pioneer Partner (give monthly), you will benefit through the convenience we offer in giving, as well as in the God-given knowledge that you are changing lives today. As an added bonus, we publicize your name in our school publications (unless you specify otherwise).

Being a Pioneer Partner allows you to partner in our work at Western Mennonite School, and we pray that you carefully consider joining us in this way.


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What your money supports:

• 41 international students have made first time commitments to God in the last 10 years

• WMS students have gone on to serve in over 80 different countries.

• Over 85% of graduates from Western attend a college or university

• This year, over 40% of students are receiving grants to attend western thanks to pioneer partners


WMS Parent

“There are no words to express our gratitude to all of you who have given so sacrificially. WMS has been an absolute God send to our family. Thank you for providing this resource to families like ours.”

WMS Senior

“Western’s community has allowed me to be me, without fear and to just allow myself to be open in my relationship with God. My trust and openness with peers has grown, I have appreciated everyone who has helped me, and have come to love everyone here at Western.”